Afterhours Tour

Did you say there’s a Timeflies tour? I’m down.

Collabro — not the typical boy band, however, they are extremely talented and deserve to be heard. Collabro is the new boy band!

Richard Hadfield
Michael Auger
Matt Pagan
Thoma J. Regrave
Jamie Lambert

Fancy - Timeflies Cover

Another Tuesday passed, another Tuesday made… Love these guys so much.


These are the guys I’ve sold my heart and soul to.


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When He Said Hi


I remember the first time he said hi. It was a rather cool summer day. I was sitting outside reading a book. It’s funny how I remember him saying hi that day, but I don’t remember the book I was reading. I guess that doesn’t matter. Anyways, I was reading my book when a baseball, landed on my lap….

Doesn’t every girl want a “Henry?” 

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Beast by Timeflies (Official Music Video)

These guys are truly music geniuses. I’m extremely happy that they are slowly getting the fame they surely deserve. I luv ya, guys! Keep making grade A music! 

Beast by Timeflies

Official music vid

Wesley Stromberg

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After Hours
Cal Shapiro
Rez Resnick

After Hours


Cal Shapiro

Rez Resnick


Pompeii by Bastille - Timeflies Cover